Kendal Charitable Funds Approves $5,000 Grants for Local Alzheimer's Associations

During the April 9 Kendal Charitable Funds board meeting, an important decision was made that’s set to make an impactful ripple across local communities.  These forward-thinking board members approved the allocation of $5,000 to each local Alzheimer’s Association chapter where ten Kendal Affiliates are based. These funds will be gifted on behalf of each Affiliate to either their local Alzheimer’s Association chapter or Affiliate Walk to End Alzheimer’s team in a show of solidarity and support for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and all other dementias.

Diane Massey shares, “These funds will be donated directly to the local Walk to End Alzheimer’s team or local chapter on behalf of the Affiliate and will be used to support official Walk Teams or used to obtain a sponsorship level that gives the sponsoring Affiliate varying degrees of brand visibility in their local community.”

The Kendal Charitable Funds board approved this funding to raise awareness of this System-wide focus and increase participation as a whole organization while providing awareness and education to the wider community about the growing prevalence and burden of this disease.

A Step Closer to a World Without Dementia

The philanthropic gesture furthers Kendal’s support for the Alzheimer’s Association, whose tireless research, care, and support efforts aim to create a world without Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia. The numbers speak volumes; with nearly 7 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s and new cases projected to double by 2050, the imperative for support and advocacy has never been greater.

Kendal’s Commitment to Memory Wellness

Kendal Affiliates have a long history of engaging in local Alzheimer’s Walk events and various fundraising activities, partnering on caregiver support, and providing training in the broader community. And this funding is just one part of Kendal’s commitment to memory wellness. Many Kendal Affiliates are at the forefront of providing impeccable memory care, crucial support, and services to individuals navigating the challenging landscape of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Welcoming New Perspectives to a Visionary Board

In the spirit of progress, Kendal Charitable Funds also recently made another celebratory announcement welcoming two esteemed individuals, Lee Ann Sullivan and Dan Churchill, to the board. Both Lee Ann and Dan are former Kendal employees, returning to the fold with robust experiences and insights. Their re-entry into the Kendal family through Kendal Charitable Funds’ board reflects an admirable dedication to serve and contribute in meaningful ways.

Kendal Charitable Funds will continue its commitment to community wellness and demonstrate vision and leadership in the philanthropic sphere. Kudos to the board for approving this funding and to the newly appointed members for their dedication to the Kendal family. This promising move shines a bright light on Kendal’s spirit of generosity.

Kendal residents and staff in walk to support the Alzheimer's Association