5 women CNA graduates Barclay Friends

Innovative Approach to Certified Nursing Assistant Training-Barclay Friends- 2023 Kendal Annual Report

GROWTH Barclay Friends has found a successful, sustainable way to recruit and retain Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who provide critical care to residents daily. CNAs assist in daily living activities…

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Hudson AI gym equipment

Embracing Technology-Kendal on Hudson- 2023 Kendal Annual Report

INNOVATION Kendal on Hudson embraces an innovative spirit with AI-powered gym equipment, roving robots, and new apartment communication systems. These bold additions to the community are enhancing resident experiences and…

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Resident and staff enjoy a field day at Kendal at Lexington.

Field Day Brings Fun and Fitness Outside

Kendal residents and staff join in the fun of Field Day. Field Day at KaLex also came with snacks. Field Day took place at the beautiful Kendal Park. Residents and…

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Kendal on Hudson Receives Financial Stamp of Approval

Local Retirement Community Awarded AVP Seal and Fitch Rating BBB+ Sleepy Hollow, New York — (July 10, 2023) – For the fifth year in a row, Kendal on Hudson received…

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Two women on porch

The Power of Community — Living at Lathrop-2023 Kendal Annual Report

IMPACT It’s hard to believe the Lathrop Community is celebrating 35 years since its incorporation and 25 years since the opening of the Inn, which offers enhanced independent living. In…

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two men at Oberlin with newlighting

Innovations in Lighting-Kendal at Oberlin- 2023 Kendal Annual Report

INNOVATION As Kendal at Oberlin celebrates 30 years, innovation continues to light the way for the community. With new technology and a focus on healthy aging, Kendal is shining the…

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man and woman at Hanover with EV charging station

Plans for a Greener Future-Kendal at Hanover-2023 Kendal Annual Report

IMPACT At Kendal at Hanover, being environmentally responsible in the present is an everyday priority. And now, the community is taking steps to ensure sustainability remains central to its mission…

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Annetha Hall

A Revived Focus on Innovation, Growth and Impact-2023 Kendal Annual Report

The Kendal System forged ahead this year with a renewed focus on innovation, growth and impact, culminating in new and improved partnerships and opportunities for residents, members and staff. When…

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Amy Harrison sized for fB

Support from The Kendal Corporation- 2023 Kendal Annual Report

A Note From Interim CEO, Amy Harrison I have the honor of serving The Kendal Corporation not only as the Chief Financial Officer but also as the Interim Chief Executive…

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