Kendal Charitable Funds Programs and Support

In 2022, Kendal Charitable Funds announced the Affiliate Grant process and its mission to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) as it relates to workforce challenges. The grant funds, intentionally broad in scope, catalyzed each Affiliate to embrace creative approaches to addressing unique challenges and opportunities on their respective campuses. Throughout 2023, many of the Affiliates utilized the funds to their full potential, which marked an evolution in their goals around DEIB and workforce.

Highlights of the Affiliate Grants

This year, Kendal at Hanover finished a three-part gender awareness series, providing education and understanding for the entire community. The opportunity was identified and organized by the campus’s DEIB committee, comprised of residents and staff members. The community shared that it was a relatable and needed topic and provided a critical forum for candid dialogue on an often- misunderstood area.

Another community that advanced DEIB goals this year was Lathrop Community, which made strides in building an understanding of dementia through Virtual Dementia Tours and educated employees and residents on the experiences of the LGBTQ older adult population through a screening of “Gen Silent.” The Virtual Dementia Tour is a tool developed by Second Wind Dreams to “build awareness and empathy in individuals caring for people living with dementia.” Almost every staff member completed the experience alongside members of the Board and residents. The “Gen Silent” movie screening highlighted the diverse experiences of LGBTQ older adults in the Massachusetts area and opened up dialogue and discussions among the Lathrop campus.

Other Initiatives of Kendal Charitable Funds

In addition to the positive work completed under the Affiliate Grant, Kendal Charitable Funds progressed on the Promising Innovations Grant and the paid Administrator-in-Training (AIT) program hosted at Barclay Friends. The Promising Innovations Fund provides grants to non-profits outside of Kendal who are innovating new programs, projects and solutions that positively impact the lives of older adults in society. Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School (AoH) was awarded this grant for a two-year period. The grant funding is supporting AoH’s Healthcare Career Pathways program, which includes Certified Nursing Assistant training. The grant period ends in December of 2024.

Kendal Charitable Funds was also proud to support the Model Quakerinspired AIT Program that recently concluded at Barclay Friends. Educating  the next generation of senior living leaders is a shared goal at Kendal and  the aging services sector at large. By joining forces with Barclay Friends and  Friends Services Alliance (FSA), another Quaker-rooted and values-aligned organization, Kendal Charitable Funds supported the funding and design  of the AIT position at Barclay Friends.

This internship-like experience allowed Elijah Tapp, a rising leader in senior living, to complete on-the-job education in preparation for licensing as a Nursing Home Administrator. The opportunity was made even more unique and meaningful by infusing Quaker values into the learning experience and provided Elijah the opportunity to also experience several other senior living communities within and outside the Kendal System. Barclay Friends, Kendal Charitable Funds and FSA felt strongly this needed to be a paid position, knowing that the young person who would accept the role would be coming out of college and investing six to nine months into the learning experience.

Elijah recently wrapped up his time at Barclay Friends and accepted a position in a senior living community in Chicago to be closer to home.

Looking Forward to Additional Partnerships and Grant Opportunities

The Kendal Charitable Funds Board of Directors is currently examining the potential for future funding related to the Affiliate Grant program and Promising Innovations Fund. In 2024, the Board will again support annual initiatives such as the Alzheimer’s Walk — the world’s largest event to raise awareness and fight Alzheimer’s.

Throughout the year, the Board will continue its thoughtful strategic planning process and determine which funding opportunities will best support Kendal and the broader community.