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Would You Want to Know Your Risk of Alzheimer’s?

16 Mar, 2018

There’s little chance now of finding out, but that may change By Joan Mooney for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock March 16, 2018—If one of your parents died of Alzheimer’s or has it, what does that mean for your own prognosis? How much would you want to know about your risk of Alzheimer’s when […]

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Kendal at Hanover Names Beth Vettori Executive Director

01 Mar, 2018

March 1, 2018, HANOVER, N.H. —Kendal at Hanover has announced that Beth M. Vettori has been selected as its new Executive Director. Vettori will join Kendal April 9 after serving as the Executive Director of Rockridge Retirement Community in Northampton, Mass., since 2007.  She was recently promoted to the role of Senior Executive Director for […]

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How and Why to Teach Your Grandchildren About Gratitude

28 Feb, 2018

The way that you live your life can offer the best lesson By Lisa Fields for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock Feb. 28, 2018—One of the best gifts you can give your grandchild isn’t something physical to wrap up and offer as a birthday present. Rather, you can help to instill a strong sense […]

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How to Bounce Back From a Health Crisis

27 Feb, 2018

It’s not the cards you’re dealt, but how you play them By Claire Zulkey for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock Feb. 27, 2018—After a major injury or illness, your own participation and perspective can make the difference between moving past a health crisis and letting it define the rest of your life. Psychologist Elizabeth […]

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Neil Diamond and Coping with Parkinson’s Disease

12 Feb, 2018

Medication and surgery can help, but symptoms impact basic abilities By Emily Gurnon for Next Avenue | Photo: Feb. 12, 2018—Fans of Neil Diamond grieved in January to learn that the longtime pop singer has canceled the remainder of his 50th anniversary tour following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. “Very sad news,” one fan […]

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The Best Way to Spend Money Safely in Retirement

06 Feb, 2018

The Stanford Center on Longevity and Society of Actuaries ran the numbers By Steve Vernon, F.S.A. for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock How do you know if you’ve saved enough money to afford to retire? And what’s the best way to draw down your hard-earned retirement savings to last the rest of your life? […]

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

16 Jan, 2018

Vitamin D and bright lights really do work for seasonal affective disorder By Emily Gurnon for Next Avenue | Photo: Thinkstock Jan. 16, 2018—The official beginning of winter that arrived on Thursday, Dec. 21, marked the darkest day of the year. Around this time, some of us feel a familiar pall as the gloom outside […]

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How States Are Helping People Get Medicaid at Home

12 Jan, 2018

A new report describes innovative programs other states could replicate By Richard Eisenberg for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock Jan. 12, 2018—Survey after survey shows that people want to continue living in their homes as they age, rather than moving to a nursing home or an assisted living facility. (In a recent Nationwide Insurance […]

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Intergenerational Programming Study Cites Kendal Examples

10 Jan, 2018

Jan. 10, 2018— A new report describing the findings from a yearlong study on the nature and extent of intergenerational programming in senior housing includes references to successful programs at both Kendal at Oberlin and Kendal-Crosslands Communities. Generations United and LeadingAge conducted the study—“Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing: From Promise to Practice”—with support from the […]

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New Year’s Un-Resolutions for 2018

09 Jan, 2018

Getting out of your own way and finding Zen By Ken Druck for Next Avenue | Photo: Adobe Stock I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’m changing things up a little this year and making a few New Year’s “un-resolutions.” Perhaps it’s the campaign for irreverent and audacious aging I’ve been on […]

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