Kendal Charitable Funds

Mutual Caring, Mutual Giving

Kendal Charitable Funds was established in 1989 to support the charitable purposes of the Kendal System of communities, services and programs for older adults.

The Kendal idea fosters a culture of generosity, encouraging and developing full use of our time, talent, and resources. Philanthropy has played a key role in the development of the Kendal organization. The original articles of incorporation stated that Kendal would “furnish…financial security for persons who have been admitted to such facilities by maintaining at less than the regular charges any resident who becomes unable to pay such charges…”

To learn more about the history of philanthropy, read “Considering Kendal Without Philanthropy” and the 2006 Annual Report.

Kendal is led through outstanding service by uncompensated boards of directors for the corporation and the communities. Many projects have come to fruition through generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure from residents, family members, board members, and persons in the wider community. In every instance, the acts of philanthropy furthered the stated values and goals of the entire Kendal organization:

  • Resident assistance funds and entry fee assistance funds
  • Ongoing education and outreach programs of The Kendal Corporation and its affiliates;
  • On-site child day care programs, facilities, and scholarships
  • Corporate and community internship programs serving students from high school through graduate school
  • Expansion and renovation of health centers in six Kendal communities
  • Construction of fitness centers, pools, and tennis courts

You can read more about the culture of generosity at individual Kendal affiliates by visiting their websites. Follow this link to our Kendal communites map, then click on a community name to visit their web site. Look for their pages on giving.

Kendal Charitable Funds, incorporated in 1989, is the umbrella organization for various philanthropic endeavors of The Kendal Corporation. Kendal values its donors and respects their interests. Kendal Charitable funds endorses the Donor Bill of Rights as developed by a number of distinguished organizations including the Association of Fundraising Professionals. We welcome your interest. To talk further about our programs and how you might support them, click here to contact the Executive Director of Kendal Charitable Funds.