Books to Give for the Holidays

Published: November 5, 2020 Books are always a popular gift for young and old, and given this year’s strong book sales as we shelter and school in place, many more…

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Social Equality

Quakers have stood up for what they believed was right since the religion’s founding in England in the mid-1600s. Prison and mental health reform. Abolitionism and civil rights. Education for…

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Feeling Upbeat About Downsizing & Decluttering

Published: October 30, 2020 Many of us shed stuff because we have to. The house we are moving to is smaller with no basement or attic for overflow boxes or…

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Penny Exercising

Wellness - Physical Elements That Keep Us Healthy

Wellness has many dimensions and I plan to discuss the physical elements that keep us healthy.  Those factors, first and foremost, are a balanced diet (which we are fortunate to…

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Reed Belden

Early Rockbridge- Self Guided Trip

Let’s take a ride north on US Rt. 11, six miles to the first settled community in Rockbridge County – Timber Ridge.  The first thing you’ll see is the Sam…

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Getting to Know CEO Jan Bigelow

It has now been about four-and-a-half months since Jan Bigelow arrived to take on the challenges of being the KaLex CEO.  What a time to make such a career change! …

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Retirement Is a Game of Numbers

Deciding where to retire often involves looking at the financial implications of each choice. We’ve written another article about the advantages of choosing to live in Pennsylvania versus Delaware, for…

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Should I Consider Downsizing Now?

The last kid has graduated from college and finally moved out of the house.  Is it time to downsize? Many folks in their 50’s and 60’s find that the family…

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couple hiking on cmapus

A Prescription for Everyone: Get Outside

While COVID has curtailed many activities this year, mother nature continues her show and, in the Lexington, and Rockbridge County area, there’s plenty to see. Kendal at Lexington is located…

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