Patrick D.—The Admiral at the Lake

“My 93-year-old Mom moved to The Admiral after living in a single family home in Shreveport, Louisiana, for several years.  I was concerned that this would be a difficult transition for her.  I shouldn’t have worried.  The Admiral is wonderful.  EVERY resident there I’ve met has had nothing but good things to say about it, and my own observations are the same. The staff is excellent, particularly Megan who was terrific introducing first me, then Mom to the Admiral, and Jennifer who made sure that Mom’s move from Louisiana and her move into The Admiral went as good as possible. Glenn Brichacek, the CEO of the facility, seems genuinely interested in making this as good a living facility as possible. It seems that a hire requirement for the staff there is a great memory. Usually, if I’ve met someone once, they remember my name the second time. I’ve yet to meet a grumpy employee. One great experience: The Admiral has a “Try It” program where a potential resident can come live there for a few days to tour the facility, meet other residents, try the food, and find out what it’s like to live there … all for free.  Mom decided to try it.  Since she didn’t live in Chicago, she had never been in the facility.  When she first walked in the front door, one of the staff came over saying, “Hello Doris, welcome home,” and gave her a huge hug. I was really touched by the genuineness of the encounter. All of the other staff and residents there have been equally as friendly and welcoming. Mom’s been there for a month now and is VERY happy there. I’m so happy she is there because I know she’s happy and she’s in a good environment that will provide any assistance she might come to need. I was in the hospital recently and was very happy to know that if Mom needed something, someone was there to help her. And, yes the food is good, very good. I’ve dined there several times and have enjoyed it. It has a lovely dining room, and a less formal bistro.  The food is always very good and the staff always very friendly and helpful.”