Kendal at Longwood takes top honors for Resident Engagement

Awarded ‘Highest Honors’ among Life Plan Communities nationwide

July 23, 2019 — Kendal at Longwood has been awarded “Highest Honors” by Holleran, the nation’s leading research firm specializing in benchmarking resident engagement for Life Plan Communities (also known as CCRCs). Holleran’s Highest Honors recognizes organizations with strong cultures of engagement that have demonstrated a commitment to becoming best places to retire.

“This recognition for Cumberland, the Personal Care home within Kendal at Longwood, is a very special,” said Kevin Jones, Interim CEO of Kendal-Crosslands Communities. “The relationship of the staff and residents exemplifies true engagement and creates a welcoming environment that is the hallmark of the Kendal-Crosslands Communities.

“We are proud of the community’s commitment to autonomy, dignity, individual choice, cultural competence, flexibility, support systems, understanding what residents want, how the services should be delivered, and how the residents can be engaged in the community,” Jones added. “It is an honor to receive this award from Holleran as one of the top communities across the country.”

Over the past two years, Holleran has been on the forefront of researching residents’ engagement, in addition to satisfaction. The firm states that its enlarged focus is based on “a newer, greater understanding of what successful aging looks like in a community setting.”

A proprietary algorithm, developed by Holleran’s statisticians, researchers and analysts determines Highest Honors recipients. Holleran has the largest benchmark of its kind, measuring both resident and employee engagement in senior living communities. With more than 400 organizations surveyed to date, the benchmark includes more than 160,000 resident and employee surveys, all completed within the last two years.

About Kendal-Crosslands Communities

Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands are full-service continuing care retirement communities owned and operated by Kendal-Crosslands Communities and affiliated with The Kendal Corporation. Kendal at Longwood opened in 1973, Crosslands in 1977. Both are accredited by CARF, a body that accredits organizations aspiring to excellence. The communities are located in Chester County in southeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles southwest of Philadelphia and 10 miles northwest of Wilmington, Delaware. On Kendal at Longwood’s 170-acre site are 258 residences, clustered in one-story buildings. Across a common boundary to the north, the 243-acre Crosslands site has 260 residences in a combination of one- and two-story buildings. The central buildings in each community house a health center, dining facilities and a variety of community activity areas.