Review ranks The Admiral at the Lake ‘among the best’

“The Admiral at the Lake is rightfully getting a lot of attention as a poster child of post Great Recession senior living development trends. It’s urban. It’s high rise. It’s resident-centered. It’s full. Bottom line? It’s impressive.”

So begins an in-depth review of The Admiral at the Lake posted online Oct. 26 by CCRC Life Cast. The website, dedicated to studying and reviewing continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), is researched and written by a husband and wife team—Lori and Dan. Lori has an MBA and is a project management and design professional who has supervised the design and construction of Life Care communities. Dan is a business lawyer, who began his career as a state insurance regulator in a state that regulates CCRCs to protect consumers against financial failure.

“We’re committed to the general concept of a CCRC for our needs as we age,” they note on their website. “But that leaves picking the best from among the rest and avoiding the worst. So here is where our journey to study CCRCs begins.”

The carefully researched, 2,300-word review of The Admiral concludes with this statement: “The Admiral earns its reputation as among the best of the newest offerings in senior living, offering best practices in on-site senior care and high-quality design.”

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