Downsizing Can Be Right-Sizing

When considering a move, do you plan to move into a bigger space or a smaller space than you currently have?  Why? When people decide to explore Life Plan Communities…

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Transforming the Experience of Aging

Kendal-Crosslands Communities were first founded in 1973 with a mission to transform the experience of aging. That sounds interesting, but what does it really mean? The founders of Kendal-Crosslands Communities…

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Do More, Worry Less

Over the weekend, how much of your time was spent on chores? Over a 72 hour long weekend, this is fairly typical: Three hours were spent gardening, and an additional…

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Community Sustainability at Kendal-Crosslands Communities

Green living and sustainability are cornerstones of Kendal-Crosslands Communities. Our community makes efforts every day to minimize the environmental impact of the community and move towards a more environmentally friendly…

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Energy Efficient Upgrades Put Residents on a Path to Savings

974 LED bulbs installed, 387 faucet aerators, 175 efficient-flow showerheads equals close to $10,000 in savings. Residents at Kendal~Crosslands Communities take pride in keeping their neighborhoods looking sharp and running…

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Community is a Verb

Anyone over 50 already knows that getting older isn’t for sissies. While our minds may remain young, it’s inevitable that we’re just not as physically flexible and may not have…

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning- With a Side of Downsizing?

There’s something about Spring that makes us want to open up the windows, dust things off, and make a fresh start. Spring cleaning checklists are everywhere, and whether you’re Martha…

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dining table

What Will Happen to the Dining Room Table?

Don't let your dining room table prevent you from having the retirement you want.

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Understanding How Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy Can Work With A Life Plan Community

When people consider Life Plan Communities (formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) such as Kendal-Crosslands communities, one of the questions often asked is how a long term care…

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