Attributes Inspired by Quaker Principles

Though we would wish it so, these attributes are not perfectly true of all Kendal people, all Kendal communities and all Kendal services all of the time. However, these attributes have characterized Kendal’s past, and we seek ways to realize these attributes each and every day.

Dedicated to living, not just espousing, our values, enthusiastically committed to making a real difference in improving the lives of older people.

Clear and forthcoming, both inside and outside the organization, honest and straightforward in all our dealings. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Acting with a freely giving spirit that anticipates, understands, and responds to the needs of others.

The relentless pursuit of ideas and actions that transform the lives of older people.

Firmly rooted in Kendal values, based on Quaker principles, that we bring to life in our work.

Working together with an inclusive spirit to create better outcomes.

We keep our promises and act with prudence and consideration in all things to ensure a secure future for those we serve.